Kali for the World

Can the vision of Kali help the human race to address questions facing it today, including questions of war and peace, of consuming and conserving?

Paradoxical Kali and a world in conflict   (August 04)

Jung on war, Christianity and the “repressed animal”. Painful self-awareness. What does Kali have to do with human destructiveness?

Appeasement works?   (October 05)

Sharks and bandits. Munich and Yalta. Religious fanatics. Appeasing Goddess Kali.

A low point in Europe's history (April 09)

Discussion among members and friends of Mystics of Kali about the Nazi period.

The Nazi crusade (July 09)

Does Nazism reveal a western heart of darkness?

Diwali reflections   (September 09)

Religious experience - treasure, trap or both? Guru as confirmer. What can India's vision of Kali mean for people of European background?

Diwali discussion   (September/October 09)

Discussion among members and friends of Mystics of Kali since the article "Diwali reflections" was circulated.

Of Church and Reich…   (April 2010)

Reflections on the statement "Mit brennender Sorge" and on the Concordat of 1933.

Church and Reich - discussion   (April 2010)

Discussion of the article "Of Church and Reich".

Australia's swing to the Greens   (September 2010)

A discussion about what it means.

People of the low country   (January 2011)

The story of the Canaanites/Phoenicians.

Kalidasa and all-inclusive worship   (July 2011)

A discussion with spiritual kindred.

Return of the western shadow   (July 2014)

Reflections on the February régime change in Ukraine

Twins who got asked if they have two heads   (Dec 2015)

What does their story tell us about God, Goddess or Nature?

David Hamilton (1933 to 2016)   (Jan 2017)

An iconic and denounced photographer of young women.

Questions about the transgender movement   (Aug 2017)

Treatment of children, self-harm, identity, ancient precedents.

Soul in the Cosmos

Is Titan another Gaia?   (June 2010)

Chemical footprints suggest a cycle of building and breaking. Reflections on the Cassini-Huygens space mission.

What sort of universe do we live in?   (July 2010)

Olaf Stapledon's book Star Maker
and possible life on Titan.

If they're not here…   (August 2010)

Aliens, humans, and the Fermi-Hart paradox. A reflection in the form of a short story.

Clockmaker, casino or crystallization?   (September 2010)

Three ways of picturing how life on Earth began.

The deadly yet living-giving waterfall   (May 2011)

Cosmic ferment, entropy, sacrifice.

A universe of life   (September 2011)

Was Giordano Bruno right about life beyond Earth?

Reflections on Natural Philosophy   (December 2011)

What do Tantra, alchemy, Jung and science fiction have in common?

The tentacled tower of coral   (March 2012)

My image of nature as God/dess

Cosmic Christ and the consuming God/dess   (September 2012)

Reflections on the cosmology of Matthew Fox

A universe of life and religions on Earth   (October 2013)

What does the question of life in the cosmos mean for us humans?

Simplicity behind abundance   (March 2014)

Simplicity in religion, science, literature, and politics

A simple statement about complex functions   (June 2015)

What sort of simplicity does Euler's equation represent?

The planet Venus   (October 2016)

Beyond demonisation, towards discovery

World language issues

A learned language, but a living one   (March/April 08)

Esperanto in the light of Kālidāsa's Sanskrit.

Perpetual motion or flying machine?   (January 2010)

On the search for a bridging language…

Dancing Kali home