Kali's Sanskrit Sources

Longish articles exploring the Sanskrit literature about Kālī, and its influence on the (generally more recent) literature in Bengali.

How to study the literature of Kālī?
Reflections on David Kinsley...

A cloud-like lady
Kālī and rainclouds in Sanskrit literature

The word Kālī in the Devī Māhātmya
A new look at an old book

The playwright and poet Kālidāsa
Why did he call himself "Servant of Kālī"?

Kālī in the Kālikā Purāṇa
Kālī as the Goddess

The Tantrasāra of Kṛṣṇānanda
Tantric Kālī worship in 16th century Bengal

A God for the Goddess
Notes on the masculine word Kāla

Rāmprasād’s poetic vision of Kālī
…synthesis or revival?

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