Kali and Tantra

Goddess Kali as the World Soul

A Tantric description of Kali and a European analog...

Kali and Eros

A recent misunderstanding, or an old association?

Tantra - the paradoxical path

Goddess and God in the practical literature that is Tantra.

The Tantrasara of Krishnananda

Tantric Kali worship in 16th century Bengal.

Temples of Kali

Including tantric centres, where the Goddess is worshipped as Mother and as eros.

Woodroffe, Zimmer, Jung

How did Jung learn about eastern traditions? Why did he advise his readers to study yoga but not practise it?

Book reviews - Kali and Tantra

Devoted to the Goddess    by Malcolm McLean

Ramprasad's Kali songs: bhakti, tantra or both?

Renowned Goddess of Desire    by Loriliai Biernacki

A feminist look at tantric works...

Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal    by Kathleen Taylor

How a judge worked with adepts to defend Tantra...

Tantra: Hedonism in Indian Culture    by Prem Saran

An Indian tantric initiate affirms the worth of pleasure...

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