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Appeasement works?
Does one instance (however momentous) prove that appeasement in general never works?
A cloud-like lady
Kālī and rainclouds in Sanskrit literature
An experience of Kali's protective power...
A God for the Goddess
Notes on the masculine word Kāla
How to study the literature of Kālī?
Reflections on David Kinsley...
Kali and Eros
How old is the association?
The love god and the oil lamp
A path between two forms of devotion...
A low point in Europe's history
Discussion about the Nazi period.
The Nazi crusade
Does Nazism reveal a western heart of darkness?
Paradoxical Kali and a world in conflict
What does Kali have to do with human destructiveness?
Rāmprasād's poetic vision of Kālī
...synthesis or revival?
Tantra - the paradoxical path
Goddess and God in the practical literature of Tantra...
Thanks to Kali
A devotee looks back...
Woodroffe, Zimmer, Jung
Why did Jung advise his readers to study yoga but not practise it?
The word "Kālī" in the Devī Māhātmya
A new look at an old book…

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Poems by Margaret Fyre

Mary caught a nice big fish

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The Adbhut Ramayana    translated by Shantilal Nagar
The text in which Shiva throws himself beneath Kali's feet...
Dancing in the Flames    by Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson
The Dark Goddess in the dreams of ordinary humans...
Devoted to the Goddess    by Malcolm McLean
Ramprasad's Kali songs: bhakti, tantra or both?
Encountering Kali    ed Rachel Fell McDermott and Jeffrey Kripal
Diverse answers to important questions about Kali...
Kali: the Black Goddess of Dakshineswar    by Elizabeth U. Harding
One of the places where Kali is worshipped...
Kali's Child    by Jeffrey J. Kripal
Freudian theories about Sri Ramakrishna...
Renowned Goddess of Desire    by Loriliai Biernacki
A feminist look at tantric works...
Singing to the Goddess &
Mother of my Heart, Daughter of my Dreams
  by Rachel Fell McDermott
Bengali Goddess songs and their cultural context
Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal    by Kathleen Taylor
How a judge worked with adepts to defend Tantra...
Song of Kali    by Dan Simmons
Novel about an underground cult in Calcutta...
Tantra: Hedonism in Indian Culture    by Prem Saran
An Indian tantric initiate affirms the worth of pleasure...
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