Poems by Margaret Fyre


Kali, Kali give me a break
Take away this dreadful ache
All this angst, worry & pain
Shower me with healing rain.
There’s nowhere else I wish to turn
Only you can do this job.

Be my mother, solace, love
Slaughter all the demons, please
Shred them & tear them apart
So none of them remain
Fill my mind & heart with you
Giving me the courage to sustain.

I love you Kali, mother mine
You shower me with riches rare
& give my heart a place to rest
You are the best! You are the best!

On Waking

I had a mental picture this morning
As I began to pray
Of all these divine messengers
Jostling in my heart.

It made me smile & chuckle
As I pictured them
All standing about & discussing
Who was the one I meant.

I see them now pulling up deck chairs
To have a talk about this
Filling my heart with their chatter and laughter
As they sanctify my inner space

Kali, my Mother, dark & powerful
God, my Father, stoic & strong
Jesus, my Brother, loving & gentle
My Guardian Angel, caring & funny
My Animus, strong & male & so dear to me
Nature Spirits, flitting & darting about

I will continue to pray
To each of you in turn
& all together as well
You all have a place in
my heart now
& there’s room for you ALL.


My feelings are leaking, escaping
with the tears I shed.
I fly against the walls of a cage
like a bird in rage
What’s the use.
Lying awake through the night
thoughts whirring & flitting
complicated and jumbled
Bittersweet existence
Stillness follows this process
To fall back into life
Worn & tired (of it all)
Why do I struggle so
Into your heart I crawl great Mother
On my hands & knees
Bent & twisted, torn & tortured
Torturing myself
Fill me with your sweet music mother,
Flood me, overpower me, devour me
I know there is no escape from pain
Just make it bearable & useful
I feel you near mother
Your comforting & healing presence,
so close, so close.

Margaret Fyre

© Margaret Fyre 1999, 2005, 2006

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