Worshipping Kali of the Mystics

Devotee and devata
© Colin Robinson 2003

Beloved Kali of the Mystics
Agent and vessel of Ferment

We worship you as Digambari
the sky-clad;
as Trigunamayi,
lady of the three qualities;
as Kalpataru,
tree of fulfilment;
as Tara,
ship of deliverance.

We worship you as Kamala,
the lotus;
as Lalita,
the playful;
as Narayani,
dweller in the waters.

Om Shantih.

Images of the Goddess and her God can be our windows to the reality around us, and our mirrors to the truth within us.

At most meetings of Mystics of Kali, we worship before images manifested through our own hands.

They are images that have emerged from our own living experience, as well as from our study of the art and writings of other mystics.

Like the images, our methods of worship are tradition-conscious, yet also creative.

The form of worship varies from meeting to meeting, according to the needs of participants. We send a circular to interested people before each meeting, explaining in detail what they can expect.

If you think you might be interested in worshipping with us, please email

Mystics of Kali<colin@weareferment.net>

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