People of the Goddess

“Shakta” is a generic term for Indian traditions that honour the all-pervading feminine power (Shakti) and her many aspects and forms (shaktis).

Shaktas picture their Goddess in various ways, and address her by various names. For instance, some picture her as a lion-rider with a fair complexion, and call her Durga. Others picture her as a blue-black dancer, and call her Kali.

Durga and Kali as allies in battle.
Original drawing based on Devi Mahatmya chapter 8. © Colin Robinson 1995.

The word “shakta” is applied not only to persons, but also to sacred places - the shakta pithas - and to texts. It is used both for writings of the tantric class - shakta tantras - and devotional poetry - shakta padavali.

Certainly there are many differences between different forms of the shakta darshana or vision. Yet the word shakta itself implies that the differences aren’t the whole story...

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