A Shakta’s Love Poem
by Arya C.R. Hackney

I know not where this began,

Nor I know where it ends,

I know not if this may begin again,

Or if it will ever end.

Fate, such a relative fact,

Our destinies dependent on it,

Yet its existence dependent on us.

I know not what fate has in store for us.

But alas, despite all serendipity,

I know what fate has shown me.

Regardless of what uncertainties lay,

One fact has, and will always remain.

Just as the masculine is not without the feminine,

I am incomplete without your existence.

Like a body cannot exist without spirit,

My spirit is hollow without your essence.

I strive to be like my goddess,

She who created the universe.

I seek to epitomize her will freely,

To fight injustice in time of great need.

When the gods could not defeat demons,

It was she who they called upon.

Through their desperation and prayers,

Was it not Mother to set them free?

But like my goddess, in all her might,

I became overwhelmed in my fight.

Drunk in the blood of my own demons,

I lashed out against existence and its injustices.

My eyes saw only evil,

Ever great was my blinding veil.

The beings that be quaked in fear,

Seeing me in my great terror.

And then you came, ever so near,

You heard their prayers of need.

Yet you realized what came to be,

You realized their needs were my needs.

Some would say you acted as a child would,

Reminding me of my good and compassion.

Others would say you acted as dead from my wrath.

Having me realize the barbarian I became as I lashed.

You awakened me,

And I am exalted consequently.

You soothed me,

And I learned tranquility.

The wise say, “Shiva is sava – corpse – without Shakti,”

A being with no essence or spirit without his Shakti.

But I would dare say to the powers that be,

My spirit is cold without your warmth to fulfill me.

No words, acts, or thought,

Do justice to my feelings for you.

No passion so great,

To make me seek the better of my fate.

Not knowing beginning nor ending,

Only feeling this has gone for eternity,

Shiva may be sava without Shakti,

But it is your power that liberates me.

© Arya C.R. Hackney 2010

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