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Goddess Kali is
the unity that includes
nature and culture,
body and soul...

Sitting round a small altar Three framed paintings Colourful gourd
Mystics of Kali meeting for worship.
Photo by Zibethicus.
Shiva with Parvati (left), Kali (centre), and Radha with Krishna (right),
painted by a mystic of Kali.
Gourd with collage by Kali Ma
of the Children of the Oak.
Margaret looking happy Framed painting on dark blue cloth Pensive David
Margaret Fyre, a mystic of Kali.
Read her poems.
David Avery, a mystic of Kali.
Smiling Colin Framed painting - dark radiant devata “Shé
Colin Robinson, a mystic of Kali. Lord Mahakala,
painted by a mystic of Kali.
Shé D’Montford, a mystic of Kali.
Photo by Ric Bell.
Read her article, "Thanks to Kali".
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